Deep Breaths and Deep Trust

Do you know that moment when you take the deepest breath and your lungs are all of a sudden lacking nothing?!

That is the best descriptor for where my world is at the moment. I’ve just taken the most sustaining breath and it’s been such a beautiful thing.

Over the last few months I’ve been praying through the lens of living in a state of ‘awe and wonder’ for things in my life and it has been so beautiful. I’ve traded my ‘gotta have a plan’ heart for an open and excited about what God is going to do heart, and it’s been breathtaking.

Friends, take your deep breaths. Trust in a big God that knows what He’s doing and get your heart in a place that gets excited to see the things that He is doing. We don’t need blueprints because we’ve got a trustworthy architect that knows our hearts, and that’s more than enough for me to get excited about.

It’s a beautiful thing to get excited about God things in your life. You never know where that might take you!

Happy Journeying!

xoxo, Meg!


What’s in a Name

This last week I got to attend The Belonging Co. up in Nashville. I would love to tell you the story of how the sermon rocked my mind, but that will come later. I like this story better for the moment.

I got to meet a guy named Matthew, his name means Gods gift or fully, “Gift of Yahweh.” Now, I’m terrible with names, so it’s a miracle that I remember that. BUT he asked me what my name meant and I halfway told him ‘pearl’ because that is what Megan means. About five seconds letter he blurts out something that I don’t believe I will ever forget because it’s so true to my journey and who I am today. “Oh, pearls. That’s a cool thing because it’s such a long, hard and messy process to make a pearl and to get it out of the shell. So that means you’re a prized possession.”

When I tell you that I had to remind myself to not let my jaw sit wide open…

I stood there and thought through the thousand and one mountains and valleys that I’ve walked through to become the girl I am today. I’ve always looked at my name is a negative light because it’s so generic but I don’t believe I will ever do that again. I am the embodiment of my name. Through pressure, through trials, heartbreak, through grit and dirt I am a strong, confident, able, beautiful, rise from the ashes kind of girl! A pearl, one would even say. 😉

Have you ever met someone who embodies their name?! I hope that from this week out I hold the meaning and value that sits with my name.

Because friends, I’m okay with being known as a pearl!


xoxo, Meg

“How” not “If”

“I am excited to see not ‘If’ God will do it but how.”

If you’ve heard me talking about anything going on in my life over the last few months the phrase I’ve most uttered has been “I just have a peace about it.” Which isn’t typically something I do. Megan, that strives worries and plans beyond my capabilities. Peace-filled Megan rests and knows that God has everything worked out.

That’s true for you too my friend. Much like a parent preparing a bottle for a disgruntled infant, God is preparing things for you. He hears you crying, moaning, and groaning – but He also sees what He’s planned for you. As you whimper and grow helpless He’s there whispering “Sweet girl, do you not see that I’m preparing a way that is beyond all that you can imagine. I’m opening doors and shifting things in heaven to shift things on earth for you. Be still and trust.”

There is nothing passive about the things God is doing on your behalf. He is very actively moving things around for you. So much so, that you should probably buckle up because it’s not a matter of ‘if’ He’s going to move on your behalf, it’s a matter of when.

That calling you feel the urges to, He’ll open doors and platforms that you couldn’t even think of. That longing to be a mother or a father, a husband or a wife, God is all too familiar with those desires and the good news is, He knows how and when to fulfill them.

When we were looking for a place to live in Atlanta, I just kept saying that I had a peace about it. Now, there were moments when I would panic and think that things weren’t going to work out, but the overall theme had been “I just have a peace about it.Peace produces trust in the most trustworthy and faithful being that we know. Most of all peace keeps you steady. Peace allows your breath to be fulfilling and life-giving. When you’re worried or stressed you panic. If you’ve ever had a panic attack, you know that your breath is lifeless, almost impossible to obtain.

Let’s be a people who CHOOSE to live in peace and trust knowing that our God is faithful. I wonder how different our lives would play out, I mean I wonder even how different our days would look.

I wonder a lot what the world would look like if we chose to trust wholeheartedly in God even when things look bleak. If we walked around with the mantle of trust and not the opposite of it. Many of our interactions would be positive instead of the opposite. We would probably stop living reactionary lives and start living with intention.

We found a sweet little place to live in Atlanta and something tells me God’s not finished there yet either!


Who we may become

Who are you becoming? I’ve been sitting with this idea for a couple of months, almost dancing around the notion of it. Looking through the lens as to who I’ve been all along and who I will be. Who am I becoming personally and professionally? Even thinking about what will be different about me in 2 years, 2 months or a decade from now? Will the little things that hold me back be victories or will the great things about me get better?!

Every step we take, every word we speak or write, they are pieces of the puzzle of who we might become. In 2018 my hope for myself is that my heart changes in beautiful ways. That the flourishing that is going to take place becomes a beautiful manifestation of the heart of the God I love so dearly. My hope is that the flourishing takes place through the hard moments much like a flower growing through concrete. That with realization and time, my awareness of what needs to stay and what needs to go comes from a genuine desire for growth.

I like to find words to describe seasons or even just project words onto seasons for what I want them to be. The last six to seven months my words have been geared towards growth, more specifically I’ve been carrying around the words ‘bloom’ and ‘flourish’. The word ‘bloom’ I painted on an old piece of wood and nailed that sucker above my bedroom door. I saw the words every day as I walked through our entryway towards my room. I would remember those words in the middle of difficult moments, when blooming was the last thing I wanted to think on but I would also remember that word when blooming was the beautiful reality I lived in.

I took that piece of wood down from above my door because we’re moving, but it made me want to reflect on what that word has meant to me over the last half year.

When I painted those words I was more projecting that word into my life. It was almost a last-ditch effort to see some beauty come about after a few hard weeks. What I didn’t know at the time is that how great of an impact that word has made in this current season. During the season of blooming, I would find myself in some of the hardest but most rewarding counseling sessions I’ve ever experienced. I would find myself working through a season of loneliness that led to some beautiful realizations. I found myself blooming in the most beautiful way.

Who we might become is important. It’s important for you to grow and for you to flourish! What are ways that you strive for growth?

Laying it all down

Last night I was reflecting on this season as I drove home, I kept walking through the phrase ‘lay it all down’. I literally uttered the question in prayer ‘how in the heck do I lay things down at your feet permanently?!’ Because if we’re honest we (read: I) dig up in doubt things that we’ve planted in faith. I popped on over to 1 Samuel and read a bit of Hannah’s story, Hannah much like most of us had something that she desired greatly but hadn’t received yet. As I was reading her story and how she modeled ‘pouring out her soul before God’ I pictured this drink pitcher filled to the brim with wants and desires that she quite literally poured out at the feet of Jesus. Which, if you know me, it got me thinking. How often do I come to God with that pitcher filled to the absolute brim, pour it out but when it fills again I carry around that full pitcher? The thing I walked away with was that no matter how full the pitcher gets, how many times it fills, pour it out. Pour it out today, pour it out tomorrow and pour it out the next day if you have to. I think this is something that I’ll constantly have to come to, but something tells me it’s worth it.

How do you go about pouring things out at Jesus’ feet? What do you do when you find yourself digging in doubt what you’ve planted in faith? I’d love to hear!



Nothing is wrong, this is purposeful!

“Nothing is wrong. This is purposeful.”

I was listening to a video this morning talking about waiting from a group called Sons and Daughters and they said this quote and of course it got me thinking. Not necessarily about being single at all, which was the context of the video, but rather about things being purposeful. Whatever season you find yourself in, know that every aspect of it is purposeful. Every little detail that is unique to you, every situation that is unique to you, it all has a purpose.

I know a lot of the time we look at the places we’ve gone and the things that have happened in our lives and we don’t think much of them, but they’re all filled to the brim with purpose.
I found myself this morning on the phone having a really teary-eyed conversation about this persons life and how it’s affected me and this line kept ringing in my mind as we were speaking. It has a purpose. It all has a purpose. Whether I see it or not, everything has a purpose.

Every mountain we’ve climbed that has left us winded or triumphant, it has a purpose. The season you’re in has nothing wrong with it, although we like to think the opposite because it may not be how we’ve planned it, nothing is wrong with it. You are who you are on purpose. You are where you are on purpose. You are affected by things on purpose. Friends, that purpose is for your good too! We read it in scripture often. In Romans, we’re told that “God works all things together for our good.” The word ‘good’ here in greek is agathos and one translation of that is “good whether it be seen to be so or not”. So, wherever you find yourself today, know that everything in your life has purpose, past, present, and future and that the purpose is ultimately good.

It’s always an adventure, friends!



Think Dirty: Limited Edition Holiday Box Review

I found the #ThinkDirtyApp a few months ago from the girls over at @abeautifulmess and I haven’t looked back!
I’m big on making sure the products I put on my body and use in my home are safe.  The #thinkdirtyapp is an app that lets you scan the barcodes of products and get the REAL details of what you’re putting into and on your body! #ThinkDirtyApp has made it simple for you by a seasonally curated box filled with highly rated- ACTUALLY GOOD- products! Think Dirty sent me their Holiday Limited Edition Beauty & I spent the last week trying out all of the products that were in it.
Scroll to see all of the goodies in the Holiday Limited Edition Box, it’s valued at over $160. If you want to try it you can use the code “MEGAN5OFF” for $5 off, you definitely get your money’s worth & this box has some great gems in it. You can find it, & other great products at #thinkdirty
William Roam Sense Shower Gel and Body Lotion \\ I put the shower gel in my shower Immediately and haven’t taken a shower without using it! The scent is relaxing and reminds me of a good ole spa day!
Primally Pure Deodorant \\ I immediately knew this was the deodorant that I would take with me to NYC. It’s travel size and I love the scent of lemongrass! I wore it to the gym one day to test it out and I loved that I could smell lemongrass throughout my workout. It held up through a HIIT workout so I would say it’s a winner!
LaMav Firming Eye Lotion \\ I started using this immediately when the @ThinkDirtyApp box arrived! I love the consistency. I’ll keep you updated on results!
Jusu Body Vanilla Peppermint Body Lotion \\ I’ll admit I’m picky when it comes to lotions but this blew me out of the water. I’ve kept it on the counter while testing this out and it’s safe to say my skin has never been more supple!
Pour le Monde All Natural Eau De Parfum Together \\ I absolutely love this. Perfect scent for winter!
Butter Babes Dry Brush || I’m all for a good dry brush and this one helps break down cellulite and exfoliates your skin! The handle is long enough to reach down your back, which is wonderful for us long torso girls!
Mooi Lab Finishing Powder \\ Raise your hand if you love a good matte finish to your makeup! One ingredient for the win! I have used this every day since I got it and I love it!
Rejuva Minerals Pur Lips Lipstick \\ Can I get an amen for a lipstick with a subtle shimmer?! This is the perfect dusty pink color!
Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Cloths \\ I’m sort of crazy when it comes to my skincare routine and these were a breath of stress-free air! I have thrown these in my overnight bag multiple times since I received them! They leave your face clean, your lashes and brows nourished and they’re not harsh!
Stout Daily SPF for Men \\ I am totally putting this in my dads Christmas stocking! He is in the sun all day every day and could use some good protection! While I didn’t try it on myself the consistency is great and it has a nice scent to it!
Sumsoap Carrot Gingercake \\ Okay! This smells like fall in a soap! This soap has vitamin potassium A and C!
Age Quencher Hydrate \\ For a girl who is serious about her hydration this was perfect! I actually ended up putting it in my water bottle after the gym. The taste is great and not chalky! I’m immediately ordering more of these!
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